Sunday, September 27, 2020

You got a minute?


If you were told to take one minute out of your day to prevent diabetes, would you do it?

Researchers at the University of Bath are saying that just one minute of exercise per day could greatly reduce your chances for developing type 2 diabetes.  Now, ideally, we’re supposed to get in good, regular exercise but, with busy lifestyles, people just are taking care of themselves as they should.  So, what researchers believe is that doing sprint exercises  in short duration (for example, two exercises for 20 seconds each) can break down sugar in the blood as effectively as an hour of moderate exercises.

The logic behind this seems sound:

Dr. Niels Vollaard  who is leading the study, said: “Our muscles have sugar stores, called glycogen, for use during exercise. To restock these after exercise the muscle needs to take up sugar from the blood. In inactive people there is less need for the muscles to do this, which can lead to poor sensitivity to insulin, high blood sugar levels, and eventually type 2 diabetes.”

“We already knew that very intense sprint training can improve insulin sensitivity but we wanted to see if the exercise sessions could be made easier and shorter.”

Now, obviously, regular exercise would be advisable but, it’s good to know that, by upping the intensity, people might be able to stave off Type 2 diabetes.


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