Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What Time Is it?


I’ve shared with you before my penchant for staying up entirely too late and how it leads to me making poor eating decisions at all hours of the night.  It’s funny how appetizing fried chicken can sound at 10pm.

Well, starting last week, I began a “new” way of addressing this (okay, it’s nothing new at all and I used to do it but, I guess it’s “new” because it’s the first time in 2012 I’m doing it).  I’ve stopped eating and drinking (with the exception of water) after 8pm.  Wow, incredible…I know.  But, it’s really easy to get away from the basics.  For example, I work out and can get back from the gym after 9pm.  I get hungry and grab something to eat, then something else, then something else.  In the end, I’ve eaten all the calories I just worked off, almost making the workout moot.  What I have turned to doing is eating a good dinner (even with a small dessert) and calling it a night on the eating.

It’s just be a few days, really, but I have noticed a few things.

  • I’m sleeping better because I don’t have all this food weighing me down right before bed.
  • I’m waking up better.  I am assuming because my body’s not utilizing energy just to burn calories from all the food I’ve had that night.
  • I’m getting in more water, since I’m using it to curb the cravings.

It’s probably better on my wife, also.  She’s been trying to be good and not eat after 8pm for quite a while, now.  So, my bringing snacks into the bedroom was not helping her cause at all.  So, my reducing my late-night binges might help preserve a happy home, also.

I’ve heard it said before and I researched it enough to know it to be true.  All the exercise in the world, particularly when you’re my age and in my shape, is not going to help if your eating is not under control.  So

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