Saturday, August 8, 2020

What happens in Vegas…


I just got back from a long weekend in Las Vegas.  I was there for a friend’s wedding.  I didn’t gamble or take in any shows but I did do one thing a lot…eat.  They call it “Sin City” and the sin in which I chose to indulge was gluttony.  The first night we were there, a group of us went to a seafood buffet.  I love seafood.  Now, combine that with the word “buffet” and you can tell things are going to get ugly.  Of course, I washed it down with (at least) two large glasses of Coke.

This turned out to be the prelude to my weekend.  A lot of it’s a blur but, let me tell you what I recall.  There was a meal of a half slab of ribs and half a roast chicken.  There was the cheap Chinese from Panda Express.  There was the huge meal a group of us had at an Ethiopian restaurant (my first experience with Ethiopian food — it was quite good).  There was the Teriyaki Philly steak and fries I had at two in the morning.  There was the meal of wood fired pizza preceded by duck tacos and pizza bread.  Oh, there was also the stop at Cinnabon in the airport on the way home.

I haven’t dared step on the scale yet but, I expect it to be bad.

I enjoyed it at the time but, I am paying the price now.  I felt sick from what I’d eaten because I had weaned myself off a lot of the grease.  Now, my body has to re-learn all of this.  I loved my time in Vegas but, the next time, I’ll have to steer clear from some of the bad food choices I made this go-round.

JP Smith
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