Tuesday, February 7, 2023

What Happened in Vegas…


Let me catch you up on some things.  First, I am going to be brutally honest.  For the last few months, I have been in a funk and tried to eat my way out of it.  Think it was a bad idea?  Well, I killed all the progress I’d made and gained back almost all the weight I’d lost.  So, what happens?  You avoid the scale (because not getting on the scale makes the problem go away), live in denial and EAT!

I chilled out on this, a little bit, as we got closer to our trip to Las Vegas.  My wife has been dying to go for years but, the timing never worked out.  In the meantime, I went twice and for other health reasons (namely to avoid her killing me), I figured she’d better go the next time.

So, as you guessed, the plane ride wasn’t the most comfortable to me.  Imagine being too embarrassed to fold your tray down because it’s going to touch your belly.  But, we made it to Vegas in one piece and had a good time…and plenty of good food.  Unfortunately, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas–I brought the gluttony home with me.

So, after my trip, I virtually stopped exercising and kept eating.  By doing this, I got lethargic.  To boost my energy, I loaded up on caffeine, which made it harder for me to sleep, which contributed to my late night eating,…you get the picture.  I fell back into a bad cycle and, honestly, I was out of control and scared.

It’s kind of funny how messages hit you from the strangest places.  I was on YouTube and caught an interview with the comedian Mo’nique.  If you are familiar with her, she would always brag about being a larger woman and, basically, showed no intention of changing.  But, in the last year or so, she’s dropped 80 pounds.  When the interviewer asked her about it, she said what prompted her (I am paraphrasing here) was some loving criticism from her husband and some introspection.  But, what she said next really floored me.  She used the word “selfish” to describe how she was acting.  Mo’nique has younger children and she explained that she knew she was going to need to change if she wanted to see her own grandchildren.  In my mind, I said “whoa!”  This hit way too close to home for me.

I have a son in elementary school and I have no problem working hard at my job to bring income home to my family but, I was still being selfish.  My son needs a father who going to be around as he grows up.  I can’t fill that role if I am too sick or even dead from a heart attack or stroke.  That was it for me and a course correction was in order.

So, this week, I am beginning anew.  No fad diets, no starvation, no magic bullets — it’s going to be the basics of better eating and more exercise.  I have to do it — I have a kid that needs me.

JP Smith
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