Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Weekly Report Card for 8/12/2011


I almost dreaded writing this week’s report card.  As you may recall, I didn’t start out the week on the best note but, I got a pleasant surprise at the end.  I think I’ll change the format to go with the Lows first and finish with the highs.


  1. I at too much of the wrong stuff on Sunday, including ribs and potato salad.
  2. I continued to sleep too little
  3. I didn’t lose a single pound, at least according to the scale (in the end, this may be a positive, though).
  4. I only juice-fasted for a couple of meals on Wednesday.
  1. I was able to show more restraint with my snacking this week, including not giving in to my desire for sweets and this pizza I’ve been craving.
  2. I did make it to the gym last Friday and have been three times this week also.  I plan on hitting the gym after work today.
  3. I modified my weightlifting routine so, I am hoping for more positive results.
  4. I was bummed about not losing more weight this week, until I noticed the jeans I put on today were fitting rather loosely and determined that I may need to purchase a smaller belt to help keep them up.
I’m thinking it was a B- week.  It could have been better but, I believe that I’ve improved over last week in my attitude and willingness to put in the work.
JP Smith
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