Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Water: so simple I overlooked it



I have a sad confession to make.  I don’t drink enough water.

Oh, sure, when I work out, I drink a lot of water but, that’s in the evening.  During the day, I usually only have a couple of glasses.  By the time, I’m ready to go to bed, I am thirsty and end up gulping down a couple more glasses. You can guess what I am up doing in the middle of the night,

Water and weight loss are inextricably tied.  What I mean is that, without proper hydration, it is extremely difficult to monitor weight loss.  An article published last year on Livestrong.com had this to say about water and weight loss:

Monitor the color of your urine, one of the cheapest ways of determining the source of your weight loss. Urine is typically pale yellow to almost clear in hue. If you’ve lost weight and your urine is bright to dark yellow, it’s a good indication that you’re not properly hydrated and the weight loss is a result of fluid loss. As soon as you replenish the lost fluids by drinking water, juice or almost any other beverage, you’ll likely see the weight return.

Make sure to drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water each day to remain hydrated. If you’re exercising, drink more than this amount.

Now, granted, there’s much debate about what your minimum water intake should be but, if your urine is not clear or at least almost clear, you’re not getting enough.

Trust me, I am not pointing at you.  I’m too busy raising my hand in an admission of guilt.  Lately, I have been getting on the scale only to see fairly wild fluctuations in weight so, I am back on the water wagon.  So, join me as we raise our (water) glasses in a toast to better habits.

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