Sunday, September 27, 2020

Wake-up Call


Over the past week, I’ve been reading about a couple of situations that remind me of my own mortality and my need to make better lifestyle choices.

I’ve been a hip-hop fan since the age of 9.  So, I’ve been listening to this music for over 32 years, now.  It’s sad to say, but a lot of rappers have died to young, many over senseless squabble but, there have been some that have died due to health problem.  In 2000, Christopher “Big Pun” Rios, died of a heart attack at age 28.  It was said that his weight, at the time of his death, exceeded 600 pounds.  In March of this year, Nathaniel “Nate Dogg” Hale, died due to complications from a series of strokes he had experienced in the preceding years.

Surprisingly, neither of these deaths rung a bell with me.

More recently though, a couple more health-related stories involving hip-hop stars from my youth have really made me take a more serious look at my habits.

Over the weekend, Erick Sermon, one half of the rap duo EPMD, suffered a heart attack at age 42. He is currently recovering in a coronary unit.  Poor health habits were the primary factor for this health scare.

However, the one that’s shaken me to the core was the loss of Dwight “Heavy D.” Myers.  He was found collapsed in his driveway on November 8.  He was taken to Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, where he died 90 minutes later.  He was 44 years old.

He had gone to the doctor the day before and was apparently either suffering from flu-like or pneumonia-like symptoms.  However, at the time of his death, he also weighed 344 pounds so, this was very likely a contributing factor.

Erick Sermon is less than a year older than I and Heavy D. was less than 3 years older than myself. I am probably slightly better at taking care of myself but, particularly over the last couple of months, I’ve have fallen back into some of the bad habits that have kept me overweight.  Seeing these two people, that I consider still relatively young, suffering such major health issues tells me that I have to be more honest about my own health and get back on track.


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