Sunday, September 27, 2020

Up and at it: Adventures in exercise


I have just started getting back into a routine for exercising and hit my first challenge.  My wife was getting recognized for teaching excellence (way to go, wife!) and needed me to get my son to his piano class.  It was at 7pm, which meant I couldn’t get to the gym when I wanted.  So, here come the excuses. “Well, I did exercise the past two days so, skipping today won’t hurt.”  “The gym closes at 10pm so, by the time you get him home and head to the gym, you won’t have time for a good workout.”

To add to my frustrations, the piano teacher must have been feeling generous because what is normally a half-hour lesson turned into an hour lesson.  So, a little after 8pm, we are headed home.

Now, it’s a game of beat the clock.  I get home, get changed (why didn’t I put on my gym clothes before I took him to piano?), grab some water and head to the gym.  I get there about 8:45pm.

Did I do everything I wanted to do?  No.  But, I was able to get some resistance training in for about an hour and didn’t need to rush through it.  More importantly, I didn’t let an excuse get in the way of a goal.

Things come up that require our attention all the time.  We have to be flexible enough to work around them.  In my case, I also have to look at how I adapt to these changes.  If I would have changed and gotten my stuff ready before my son’s lesson, I could have saved myself about 10 minutes, which might have allowed me to get in some cardio.  It’s a lesson learned and no reason to beat myself up but, I will take it as point to consider next time.

Now, let’s see if I can get back there tonight.

JP Smith
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