Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Reversing the slide of weight gain


About a week back, I was feeling really down on myself.  I gained back a good portion of the weight I’d lost (over half of it) and could easily see myself heading back to 300 or more pounds.  I can’t blame Thanksgiving for any gain.  I was ordering take-out for lunch, and sometimes dinner, too, for weeks.  Since I was eating poorly already, why not add some other junk food to the mix.  I kept telling myself I would do better the next day so, I would eat until right before midnight.

I kept seeing the pounds continue to pack on and avoided the scale as if to tell myself that, if I didn’t know my weight, I wouldn’t have a problem.

Then, a few days back I said, “to hell with that!”   I had to get back on the wagon.  So, this week, I began the change I was needing.  Like I mentioned previously, I am working on my sugar addiction.  As I write this, I am going through withdrawal.  I haven’t had a soft drink, candy or dessert in 3 days.  I haven’t even been putting sugar in my coffee (thank you Whole Foods for making liquid stevia!).  Let me tell you, it’s definitely been a challenge!

I’ve also been cutting back on portions and eating more vegetables.  I still stand by the notion that I will not starve myself in a vain attempt to lose weight but, considering the number of calories I had been consuming, cutting back was highly necessary.

I have also been hitting the treadmill first thing in the morning to burn off the glucose before having breakfast.  Furthermore, water is now my drink of choice and I am staying well-hydrated.  The multiple trips to the bathroom are a testament to that.

The good news, the scale’s starting to go the other way.  Next week, I will be working weight training back in, which should help get me more fat-burning muscle.

For the first time in months, I feel back in control.

JP Smith
the authorJP Smith
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