Saturday, August 8, 2020

Report card for 10/7/2011


This won’t be a long post because there’s not much to say except, I ate like crap this week.  I did some online training at home this week which required that I sit at the kitchen table for hours.  So, not being prepared or particularly motivated to do anything to change it, I began eating garbage for breakfast and questionable lunches.  I actually had doughnuts one morning — I never realized how greasy and heavy they can be.  Another morning, I had a chicken biscuit from McDonalds.  But, the winner had to be yesterday.  There’s a small chain of pizza places called Richard’s.  From there, I ordered the “spaghetti a la casserole”, which is spaghetti, meat sauce and cheese and it comes with a side of very buttery garlic bread.  I ate half of it for lunch.

Okay, I did have quite a bit of fruit (mostly apples) but, I slacked horribly on the vegetables.  I also did manage to make it to the gym and did quite a bid of yard work.

For that, I give myself a solid D.  I fell off the wagon hard this week.  Now, it’s a matter of getting back on.

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