Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Rain…Rain…go away: Making Excuses


Last night, I made it to the gym.  This made it 7 of the last 8 days that I’ve gone.  But, boy, did I not want to go.  Because of the rain, my commute home took nearly an hour.  It was wet and cold outside and I was finally unwinding from my day at work.

Dinner was pretty good.  My wife made salmon patties and, after eating, I was starting to settle in the for the night.  Of course, it’s at this point that I’m most weak and the rationalizations occur.  My inner whiny voice started in on me — “I’m tired”…”It’s yucky outside”…”I hate the rain”.

Fortunately, my inner rational voice kicked in. It asked me “You know Thanksgiving is coming up?”…”Aren’t your trying to lose weight?”…”Are you going to let a little rain keep you from your goals?”

The truth is that there’s always going to be something.  It could be a case of the sniffles, a bad day at work or a really good TV show that diverts your attention away from your purpose.  The old me found any of these acceptable reasons not to get up and do something.  I’d like to believe that a new me is taking over and that excuses become less influential in my decision-making process.

JP Smith
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