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Progress Report: Jan. 21, 2012


Okay, here’s my progress report.  I’ve finally started matching my diet and exercise and, so far, the results are favorable.  I chose Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, coincidentally) to begin my change.  I made it to the gym 3 times this week and got in some kick-butt workouts but, more importantly, my eating was a bigger victory for me.  I only had two cups of soda this week (diet ginger ale.  Note: I’ll drink water next time.  I hate diet soda!).  But every day I have been drinking a gallon of water.  This has curbed my appetite immensely.  I am eating sensible meals.  I get good protein in at breakfast (turkey bacon and egg whites, most days) and for lunch I’ve been getting in a protein shake, fruit, and yogurt (or peanut butter with my apples, if I want to mix it up).  For dinner, I eat sensibly, but well.  In other words, I am not starving myself. Nothing breaks me quicker than feeling food-deprived.

So, I say all that to say this: since Monday, I am down 7 pounds.  This is to be expected.  I started the week at 288 pounds (I did say I am a BIG man) so, it’s not hard to think that kicking it into gear would yield a weight loss like this.  So, to get on a scale and have it say 281 feels pretty good. This is not the lowest I’ve been recently.  I kind of slacked off and regained 13 pounds so, I am working my way back to that weight.  I am hoping to get there in the next two weeks.  Like I said in a previous post, I am doing this on an 8-week sprint in which I hope to lose at least 30 pounds.  So, I’d like to be under 260 at the end of this 2-month period.

It’s only been 6 days, really.  Because of that, I make no pretense that all will be smooth sailing.  But, here’s my hope for the best!

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