Saturday, August 8, 2020

My new battle: curbing food intake after a workout


Okay, so I started a new weightlifting routine last week.  I am hitting them much harder than I have in the past and, after that, I am still doing 35 minutes on the treadmill, at a slightly faster pace.  So, I believe that I am burning well over 1000 calories during a working (I’m burning ~620 on the treadmill alone).  But, here’s the problem, I am hungry as all get-out after I’m done.

Last night, I had one of these workouts.  I was doing biceps, back and legs and hitting them with more intensity and weight than normal, not to mention that I drank 3/4 of  gallon of water.  I got home and was famished.  I drank — okay gulped down — 12 ounces of chocolate milk.  Then, I ate some roast chicken, a small portion of shells and cheese and a salad.  Now, was I finished? Of course not.  I then had two apples with peanut butter.  Later, I had some apple straws.  Then, after that, I had a handful of cherries.  If I wasn’t so tired, I would have probably kept snacking.

Mind you, I am supposed to be staying at or under 2200 calories per day and this was just dinner/post-dinner.  This doesn’t count the cereal and bacon I had for breakfast.  The turkey sandwich, chips and grapes I had for lunch or the Fiber One brownie AND Fiber One bar I had in the afternoon or the protein bar I ate before my workout.

Yesterday, I flat-out felt out of control with my eating.  Sure, there were a lot of healthier choices but, there were a LOT of them consumed.  So, any one thing is not going to kill my plans to lose weight but, eating 100 calories here, 90 calories there, another 230 calories over there can add up quickly.  In hindsight, I probably could have had some skim milk after dinner to satiate some of these cravings and still get the protein my body was most like actually wanting.

Wish me luck.  The next step might be a muzzle.

JP Smith
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