Thursday, July 2, 2020

Losing Positively


Finally, some good news to report!

I’m back on the ball this week and things are looking up…or should I say down?  The scale is starting to go the other way again and I’ve lost three pounds.  I think that that uptick in cardio, in conjuction with more closely monitoring what I am eating, will put me back on track.  I have the method.  Now, I need to work on will and motivation.

I looked at myself in a mirror in the gym the other day and I was like, “wow, look at that spare tire!”  So, the goal is to get that to disappear.  Coke, pizza and watching T.V. on the couch aren’t going to get it.  Also, sinking into despair about the challenge ahead won’t help me either.  As the saying goes, “nothing beats a failure but a try.”  I would amend that to say, “positive change doesn’t occur without positive action.”

Onward and downward!

JP Smith
the authorJP Smith
I'm taking on the challenge to lose the pounds that take me from a big man to a not-so-big man. Join me.