Saturday, August 8, 2020

Keeping Count


I’m going back to that which has brought me the most success in my weight-loss journey — counting calories and reading labels.  I suspect that I’ve gotten away from it because the stuff that I want to eat doesn’t come with readily-available nutritional information.  I imagine that if I had really counted, I would have probably not eaten in the first place.  I mean, really, who counts calories for a plate of hot wings?

I started this yesterday and, it actually felt good (I know, we’ll see in a week, right?) to see that I can eat enough and still stay under my calories.  I dare say it felt empowering (*queue Superman music* da-da-da-dum!).  Sorry, I’m a little silly today.

My challenge with eating and exercise is that I only focus on one at a time.  If I eat well, I tend to skip the gym.  If I hit the gym, I eat badly.  Last year, when I married the two, I had a great deal of success.  I need to get back on that program again.

Counting calories actually makes me look at not just how much I consume but, also, what I am actually eating. I suspect that is true of a lot of people. If you know you are trying to eat better and actually don’t want to starve or malnourish yourself, you’re probably going to go for foods that lean more to the healthy side.

Now, I am keeping count and hitting the gym.  Wish me luck!

JP Smith
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