Sunday, September 27, 2020



I am a big man.  There, I said it.

It’s not like it’s news to me.  I have been working my way up to this status for years.  Along the way, I have enjoyed my share of burgers, pizza, ribs, cakes, cookies, pies, soft drinks, gravies, fries and so on.  Add to that the fact that my job requires me to sit in front of a computer all day and you have the recipe for obesity.

At my heaviest, I was 320 lbs (on a 6-foot frame).  Lately, I’ve been hovering around 295 lbs (up from my recent low of 275).  Needless to say, I’m ready for a change.  My cholesterol is too darned high, I sometimes have achy joints and, most of all, I am worried that my child is going to follow in my footsteps.  It’s time to get it in gear.

I call this my “challenge”.  I don’t like words like “problem” or “issue” because they sound too permanent or too difficult to overcome.  I say “challenge” because I feel that a gauntlet has been thrown down in front of me and I am being tested.  I don’t know if it’s ego, a need to prove to myself that I can see this through, or simply my need to be around for my son but, I’m taking on this challenge.

There’s another side to this, too.  Far too often, I see people in the media who used to be overweight telling me, in a sentence or two, how they overcame their challenges with weight.  However, I never got a real feel for what the person went through.  They never told me about what they did to fight the temptations or what they did to recover when they gave into them.  They didn’t tell me how they kept the naysayers at bay or how they got over the embarrassment of being the big man or woman on the treadmill at the gym.  In other words, they showed me the end-product but never showed me the process.  This is what I’m hoping to share.  Along the way, I am going to make mistakes but, I am hoping to be honest about them. If I can be a help or inspiration to someone else seeking a change, I’ll be the one that’s thankful.

Maybe you, too, have a challenge with weight.  If so, maybe we can share our challenges and what we’re doing to overcome them.

Ready to tackle this challenge?  Okay, then, on three.   One…two…three…lets go!

JP Smith
the authorJP Smith
I'm taking on the challenge to lose the pounds that take me from a big man to a not-so-big man. Join me.