Sunday, September 27, 2020

I hate winter!


I am truly a child of the sun.  I cannot stand snow and ice.  I suspect that, because I have to drive in it versus just playing in it, my appreciation of it has waned terribly.  Sadly, this also tends to affect my eating and activity levels.  So, sitting in a nice warm house eating something spicy and watching something mindless sounds more appealing than making a sensible meal and braving the elements to get to the gym.

The other day, I was put to the test.  I had the day off and had taken my son over to a friend’s house to hang out for the day.  This was the day for the first big snow in Cincinnati and the streets had yet to be plowed.  I got my son to his friend’s house just fine but, when I started on my normal route to the gym, I slipped and slid down the road.  Finally, I was on my way only to encounter the spot where an accident had occurred and the road was block.  So, I had to backtrack the same slippery way I had come before.  At this point, I was closer to home than they gym and temptation was calling.  Bed was sounding better and better.  But, I sucked it up and slowly made my way to the gym.  Fifteen minutes later, I was there and hit the treadmill.  I actually burned more calories than I ever had before on it.  Then, I hit the weights for another 45 minutes.  I was whipped but, I did it! Also, I still had most of my day left to do what I wanted.

The winter blues is very real to me. But, losing this weight is important to me so, it’s time to shake it off and quit whining.  I’m sure that dropping 10 pounds or so would do wonders to combat them.

JP Smith
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