Thursday, February 20, 2020

Hopping back on the fasting wagon


After a brief respite from my recent fast (complete with my new encounters with vegetable sushi and Chinese Five Spice chicken), I am ready to do another juice fast. So, I thought to myself that “there’s not time like the present” so, I’m getting back on one starting today.  This time around, I plan on making it for just three days.

It’s funny.  When I broke my fast, I thought it would be weeks or months until I was willing to try my next one but, the last few days allowed me to reflect on my fast and I realized that a lot of good things came from it.  First of all, I g0t a lot more nutrients on the fast than I do in my normal diet.  It must be all that kale which, until fasting, I had never consumed, in juice form or otherwise.  Then, there’s the weight-control benefit.  It’s great to find a way to cut down on the calories without sacrificing the intake of vital nutrients.  Finally, it’s the general sense of well-being I got from knowing that I was doing something healthy for myself that was not hard.  It was just a matter for juicing a few fruits and vegetables, over the course of a few minutes and drinking it down.  Sure, it wasn’t steak and potatoes but, it also wasn’t terrible to the taste, either.

Like I’ve stated previously, I wanted to continue to make this fast a part of my repertoire so, I’m doing it again.  So, fire up the juicer and let’s get back on this wagon!

JP Smith
the authorJP Smith
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