Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Going Raw (Almost): the home stretch


This is it–the last day of my week of living off raw foods!  Can you tell I’m a little excited?  It’s not necessarily because I’ll eat my first hot meal in over a week tomorrow, though that is a thought in my mind.  Actually, it is more because I am about to reach a goal I set for myself.

When you’re a larger person, everyone assumes that it is because you simply lack will-power.  However, I think people miss the point. Often, it’s not about the desire to overindulge vs the will to fight these urges.  Sadly, people think that weight gain and obesity is simple hedonism and gluttony but, it’s not the case for a lot of people.  Some people overindulge because they believe it helps drown sorrows and pain, not unlike alcoholics and drug addicts.  Some do it because they’re bored and looking for some way to alleviate it.  Some people have medical conditions that cause them to overeat.  To other, it’s a substitute for another craving (for example, a former smoker or drinker looking for an alternative).

The point is that we can arrive at this challenge from different points and, sometimes, we feel despondent and hopeless after we’ve gained so much.  This week has shown me that, while tough, I can set goals for myself and achieve them.

So, here I sit — less than 3/4 of a day away from reaching my goal.  Yes, I would like some meat.  Heck, I would settle for a hot bowl of oatmeal.  But, I’m sticking to the plan and thinking about the next set of goals I have for myself.

JP Smith
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