Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Fast Update: Day 3 of 3


Okay, I am rounding third and heading home!  As I mentioned previously, I am back on a juice fast but, I have to share what I experienced in my workout yesterday.  As I posted yesterday, my Monday workout went great.  However, Tuesday kicked my butt.  I am thinking that I overdid it, considering I was fasting.  My weightlifting routine had to be tapered down some — I did the exercises by the reps/sets got cut a little short.  I was feeling confident and was deadlifting 275 lbs., with the intent of maxing out at 315 lbs.  About the 8th rep of my first set, I started getting a little shaky but I eked out the last two reps.  I rested a couple of minutes and tried to hit it again but, that time, I was only able to get out five reps.

Okay, weightlifting over.  I did some cardio and was wiped.

I made my way home and fixed myself so tea. No, it wasn’t senna tea, thank God. And sat down for about 20 minutes to stop my head from spinning and avoid losing the contents of my stomach.

I finally shook off the affects after about an hour.

At 41 years of age, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I can’t do everything I did in my 20’s.  However, that’s still not an excuse to not try hard.  So, I’m taking today off from the gym and finishing this fast but, tomorrow, after a couple of good meals, I’ll be back at it.

So, I’ve learned that fasting and intense workouts don’t mix.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll listen to my wife when she tell me to take it easier on my body during a fast.

JP Smith
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