Sunday, October 17, 2021
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No more excuses!



I have been on a kick lately of getting into more “bodyweight” exercises.  I find them more challenging and a more honest indication of where I am at with my fitness level.  I have been giving serious consideration to yoga (yeah, me, the big man — heck, why not?).  This led me to re-look at DDP Yoga, which is the brainchild of former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.  I began searching YouTube for sample routines from this workout and ended up on a video showing the progress of one Arthur Boorman.  Boorman, at the time, was a 47-year-old disabled Iraqi war vet who was dealing with the effects of injuries sustained during his years as a paratrooper.  He needed crutches to walk and over the years, had resigned himself to his condition and had become extremely overweight.

Something inside Arthur changed and, soon thereafter, the outside of Arthur changed in some amazing ways.  If you want to be inspired and see your excuses blown away at the same time, watch this video.

JP Smith
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