Saturday, August 8, 2020

Eat well or eat poorly but, don’t try both


I the last few weeks, I have tried to be much better with my eating.  I’m eating more fruits and vegetables and am averaging a gallon of water a day.  I have had one Coca Cola in the last 3 weeks and cut way down on the sweets.  Though the scale is not showing it as much as I’d like, people are telling me they are noticing a change in my appearance.  All good, so far.

But, this past Sunday, I thought it would be cool to eat wings and watch the Super Bowl.  You know how I made them, right?  If you can’t guess then just let me give you a hint — why bake what you can fry?

So, I cut up and fried what equate to about a dozen whole wings.  I ate the equivalent of 6 whole wings, with potato salad, as I watched the game.  Oh, I forgot to mention,Monday, I chilled out on them because my wife made a more sensible meal for us.  Well, last night, I was pretty much on my own for dinner so, I said “Hey, I’ve still got wings in the fridge so, let’s do it again!”

They were okay but, not quite as satisfying as Sunday.

Something happened today, though, that I’m afraid is changing my outlook on food.  I started feeling nauseous.  Breakfast was bland so, that wasn’t the culprit.  Oatmeal and turkey bacon doesn’t do that to me.  Lunch was a protein shake and some fruit.  I also had a half-gallon of water, so far, today.

Oh, it must have been the wings.

I should have known better.  In the last few weeks, I have been, more or less, cleansing my body.  Now, I am starting to wonder if this is having an affect on my ability to handle junk food the same way.  I find myself craving it less and less.  For example, I stopped at Wendy’s the other day and got a single.  After two bites, I threw it away.  It just didn’t taste right.  I had tried the same thing at a different Wendy’s a week before with the same result.  I was just assuming that it was a thing with Wendy’s hamburgers.  Now, I am believing that it’s a junk food thing.  At my age, my body is saying, “Look man, you’re almost 42 years old.  Admit it, you can’t handle going from eating better to eating badly like you could when you were younger. Pick a side.”

So, I guess the last of the wings will have to head to the thrash and I have to be more realistic about my need to eat better.

JP Smith
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