Saturday, August 8, 2020

Death by a thousand bites


Right now, I need the equivalent of the invisible fence for humans.  However, instead of going around the yard, mind would shock me when I get too close to the refrigerator and the pantry after 8pm.  I am a snacking fiend!  I can monitor myself at meal times but, after 8pm, I am in trouble.

After I come back from the gym, it’s terrible.  I usually drink a glass of chocolate milk (1%) to replenish my protein.  However, instead of being content or simply getting a bigger glass, I start snacking. Apples & Peanut butter are a favorite.  But, I have also been known to hit the soft pretzels (I know, right?).  I might also nibble on some tortilla chips after this (I actually had chips and salsa at 11pm, last night!).  Let me not forget that I have hit my son’s fruit snacks on more than one occassion, too.

Basically, after eating rather well for the day and working out, I can hit another 400 or more calories before turning in for the night.  This has got to stop.  Honestly, this is going to require good, old-fashioned discipline and an attitude adjustment on my part.  Quite simply, I am going to hate it.  I know me.  I can be pigheaded and want to think that this is not a problem but, that’s a lie.  If I burn off 1,000 calories only to add about half that right back, I wasted a good part of my workout.  I could have knocked off a half-hour early, not snacked, and got my time back.  There’s a simple term for this: self-sabotage.

It’s gut-check time (pun-intended).  Tummy, you and I have got a day of reckoning coming.

JP Smith
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