Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Confessions of a foodaholic


My name is JP Smith and I am a foodaholic.  I am celebrating 3 days of being clean.  One day at a time, bro.

In the last few months, I’ve eaten everything that wasn’t nailed down.  I’ve made secret trips to McDonald’s for fries and shakes.  I’ve eaten more fried foods than I care to remember.  Oh, the ice cream!  Yes, those soft-serve cones with sprinkles and the Reese’s Cup blizzards were great!  I’ve gotten in plenty of pizza, too.

The point is:  I screwed up.

I went through the hole downing myself thing for a while because I gained back a lot of the weight I lost but, in the end, that just made things worse.   So, Sunday night, I decided that I would get up on Monday and start back on the weight loss path.  I’m not doing anything crazy.  I’m not starving myself or punishing myself.  I’m just getting focused again.  I’m walking in the mornings, eating sensibly and working on my habits.  Slow and steady.

It’s not quick and easy but, nothing worth having ever is.

JP Smith
the authorJP Smith
I'm taking on the challenge to lose the pounds that take me from a big man to a not-so-big man. Join me.