Sunday, September 27, 2020

Can’t keep runnin’ away


It’s been almost 3 months since my last post.  I was tired and burned out — not from blogging but from not getting anywhere with my progress.  Who’s to blame? — me.  For the last year+, I have been trying to act as if exercise was more important than diet.  I was eating just okay most of the time and poorly too often.  I did the juice fast for a while, and it worked but, I didn’t follow up with the habits that helped me keep off what I lost.

Well, no more running away.

Step 1: What I eat is going to change:  While I don’t live at McDonald’s, I do eat too much garbage.  Even the food I get from the cafeteria at work is suspect, at best.  It time to focus on more lean protein and up my fruit and vegetable intake.

Step 2: When I eat is going to change: Midnight snacking is not going to cut it.  Cutting myself of at 8pm (or, preferably 7pm) will help me keep those calories down.

Step 3: Exercise for health first, weight loss second:  Exercise has a lot of health benefits but, for weight loss, it’s not a magic bullet.  It has to be in cooperation with good eating habits.

You can run away from yourself or reality.  So, for me, it’s time to face it.

JP Smith
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