Thursday, August 6, 2020

Broken down to be rebuilt


Today, I am a humble man.  For about a year, I have been lying to myself, thinking I had it under control.  The truth is, I don’t.    The last 1 1/2 years saw me deal with a hand surgery that I allowed to set me back and, this past May, I got injured playing basketball and, to this day, I am still not able to run.  The latter one hurt me more mentally than physically because, I know the injury happened because of my weight.  At my best, I had lost about 40 pounds.  Then, using my hand injury as an excuse, I stopped working out.  Honestly, my legs were just fine at the time and I could have hit the track, a treadmill or an elliptical to, at least, keep up the cardio.  But, I didn’t.  As a result, I gained back about 2o pounds.  Please realize, losing the original 40 did not put me at my goal weight.  In fact, it was not even close.  The 40 pounds was less than half of my goal.  So, gaining back 20 of it was indeed a setback.

I like basketball but, with my weight and being in my 40’s, it can take its toll.  My knee had been feeling funny prior to my injuring it and a voice told me not to go that night but, I didn’t listen.  I was coming down court on defense and got hit with a double pick.  My knee buckled and I limped off the court.  I came back and tried to tough it out but, I was done for the night.   To make a long story short, though x-rays and an MRI show no signs of injury, I am not close to 100% yet.  However, something tells me had I kept up the exercise and the weight loss, I would have avoided this injury or, at least, been able to bounce back quicker.

After feeling sorry for myself for a while, I realized something — it wasn’t my body or my psyche that’s the issue, it’s inertia.  Inertia is describes as a physical object’s resistance to change to it’s state of motion or its state of rest.  I fell in the latter.  Sitting at home, in front of the TV or the computer, eating too much was okay with me.

But, this past week, it hit me.  I am an African American man in my 40’s with a bad diet and poor exercise habits.  I have been lucky so far but, diabetes, heart disease or a stroke could be in the none-too-distant future for me.  I have to change.

This past Thursday, I rejoined my old gym and Saturday, I went back to work.  I have been twice already and I am looking to make this a habit.  Next, I have to work on my eating.  I am hoping that better exercise will spur better eating which, in turn, will help me with my overall health. Let’s face it — what I have been doing hasn’t helped much.

So, yes, I am humbled but, hopeful, also.  I think I really have a chance this time.


JP Smith
the authorJP Smith
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