Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Big 3-0



I hit the big three-oh last week.  No, I didn’t turn 30.  I’ve been there, done that and have the T-shirt to prove it.  It was another 30 that is causing me to celebrate.  I hit the 30 pounds lost mark.

It has taken a little longer than I hoped but, it feels great!  The funny thing is that, despite weighing myself, it didn’t really sink in until late last week.  I had not purchased any news clothes yet and, because I had given up previously, I had no smaller pants.  So, last Thursday, I was having trouble keeping my pants up.  I had already poked another hole in my belt and sort of bunched the pants up in the front and, frankly, I kind of looked ridiculous.  I didn’t walk around too much at work because I having to walk around with my hands in my pockets to make sure my pants didn’t fall down.  So, I said to myself, happily, that it was time to purchase a couple more pairs of pants for work and retire this pair.

This past Tuesday, I finally got out to a store.  Because of my size, I’ve always hated clothes shopping.  I would buy shirts in a 4x and pants about two inches too big because, in my mind, I could make myself seem smaller in my clothes if they were hanging off me.   Truthfully, I was about a 3x in shirts and about a 48 in pants.  However, I went bold in my shopping and bought pants in a size 44 and shirt in a 2x. I am a big guy and I have broad shoulders but, to my surprise, the shirt fit just fine and, as I found out later in the day, I should have bought a new belt because the pants were drooping by day’s end — but, that’s a good problem to have.

I still have over 70 pounds to go before I reach my goal but, I can celebrate a milestone and get motivated for my next goal of 50 pounds lost.  I’ll admit that it’s a little scary but, it would be a weight I haven’t seen since my mid-to-late twenties.  Also, it gives me an excuse to buy some more clothes.

Wish me luck!


JP Smith
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