Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Being Thankful


This past weekend, my church reached its goal of giving out 400 boxes containing full Thanksgiving meals to needy families in the Cincinnati area.  For what it cost for me to take my wife and son out to eat at a half-decent restaraunt, we were able to feed three families a full meal, with leftovers.

I’m not writing this as some feel-good, pat-on-the-back thing for myself.  Instead, it’s an acknowledgment that I do take a lot for granted.  I remember saying things like “I’m starving” when it had only been a few hours since my last meal.  I wasn’t going to go hungry that night.  I either would have been eating a home-cooked meal or stopping off for something to eat.  This donation reminded me that, for some, the next meal is a real concern.

As many of us overindulge this year, let us be mindful that not only do we need to consider our own health but, also, let’s keep in mind that not everyone around us is so blessed and that, when we can, we should look out for our neighbors.

JP Smith
the authorJP Smith
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