Saturday, August 8, 2020

…And Lead Me Not Into Temptation


I had my weekend sort of planned out and just knew that I could avoid junk food and then, it hit!  We had some wonderful friends offer us some free tickets to Kings Island, which is a large amusement park in the Cincinnati area.  Given that it would have normally cost us around $150 between parking and admissions, it would have be very stupid of us to pass it up.  Also, having a son who loves roller coasters, we couldn’t deny him a chance to ride some with kids around his own age.

But, the question pops in my head–what am I going to eat?  Amusement parks aren’t typically your bastions of healthy food choices so, there’s a little anxiety on my part.

But, I’ll cut to the chase and say, it could have been a lot worse. However, in retrospect, it could have been better, too.  I’ll share with you what I did.  For lunch, I had Panda Express, which is basically Chinese fast food.  I had steamed rice, broccoli chicken and kung pao chicken.  Not great but, there are worse options.  But, here’s where I think I took a hit.  Kings Island, like a lot of amusement parks, lets you purchase refillable cups.  So, I pay $10 for the first drink and subsequent refills of soft drinks are $1.99 each.  Here’s the catch: they are probably around 64 ounces.  Of course, I didn’t drink it all by myself but, I’m sure that I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 32 ounces of Sprite with lunch.  Every subsequent refill of that thing was water-only.

But, really, that was my biggest hurdle that day.  Before we went, I had a small breakfast of bacon and oatmeal.  After lunch at the park, I avoided all sweets.  I almost broke down and got an Icee until I realized they wanted $7.49 for what I could get for $1.50 – $2.00 at a gas station.  So, disaster averted there.  But, before I left, I did split a soft pretzel with my son.  For dinner, I had a 6-inch steak and cheese from Subway with baked chips and a 24 ounce lemonade.  After that, I had a cup of chocolate pudding for dessert.

Looking back, I see there were a few place to fix.  For starters, I could have just done water.  I probably would have been able to bring my own water bottle or had them provide me with free water.  I would have likely saved calories and money.  Also, I probably could have found some place serving a nice salad instead of the Panda Express I had for lunch.  Finally, I ended up eating dinner around 9pm, which is pretty late.

Still, there’s good news in this — I’m actually thinking more about what I am eating, before I eat it and starting to make better decisions about the food I consume.  Therefore, I really believe that I am on my way to bettering myself significantly in this area of my life.

JP Smith
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